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Hello Friend, are you looking for Lucky Patcher Apk to Download? If it is so, you are in the right place. This APK is the solution to all your problems. it helps you to remove unwanted advertisement, that are very common nowadays. Whenever you use an App on your Android device, you will notice a lot of Advertisements that are very annoying. Not only that, it uses a lot of your Data. These kinds of Ads ruin the mood. But now you can actually remove these annoying Apps just using this Amazing App called Lucky Patcher Apk. It helps you to remove Ads from any Apps. Is this what you were looking for Right?

Another Problem you usually face is the amount of money you need to pay just to get the Premium feature of any app. Like buying Gems, Coins to Unlock premium weapons or swords, etc. This could be a big problem if you are a student and a Gamer both. We can’t afford to pay such a significant amount just to play a Mobile game. On top of that, some of App on Google play can’t even be started without giving your credit card Information. So most of us are looking for a solution to play these games without actually paying a single penny. But thanks to Lucky Patcher is here to save the day again. With this APK, you can buy an unlimited amount of Gems or Coins in-game without needing to root the Phone itself. So today I will show you, how to Download this Lucky Patcher APK and how to use it to unlock and get unlimited Gems and Coins. So please read on.

Lucky Patcher Version Info


Lucky Patcher

App NameLucky Patcher
Supported onAndroid 2.3+
Avg Rating4.8/5
Last Updated8 March 2019

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Lucky Patcher APK Features:

Lucky Patcher is a very useful App and Comes with a lot of features. It’s a must have app for all Android users. Things like Removing Ads from other Android apps, Get unlimited in-game Gems and Coins are done very easily. In some cases, you will have to root your phone in other to use these features. The reason is, to modify the game file, you need special permission to edit the core files. But in Lucky patcher, you can do all these without rooting your Android and enjoy the full feature of the Game or any Apps. Thus you can use this APK without voiding the warranty of your phone.  Here some of the features you get from this Amazing App

#1 Remove Ads From any App

Adds are Annoying, to be honest. Apps Developers to gain money, Put ads in these Apps. a little number of ads are ok but too many ads destroys the fun of any Apps and Games. Some programmers go really nuts and put a holy lot of Ads in these Apps. These Ads are not just annoying but it also takes and wastes a lot of Mobile Data. In these days, where Mobile data is so expensive, we all need a solution to solve these problems. So Lucky Patcher comes with a solution. This APK helps you to remove annoying ads from any apps and make them more useful and smoother.

free Coins and Gems

#2. Get Access to Unlimited Gems and Coins

Some Apps need you to pay a huge amount of Money to get the best features, Weapons, etc. Even you are stuck at any level you need to watch or pay some money for it. But thanks to Lucky patcher, you can have unlimited Gems and Coins without actually paying for any of it.

system Apps

#3. Convert or Uninstall any Apps from System Apps.

You might have noticed that some Apps like Google Maps, Youtube any many other apps comes pre-install with your Android Phone. These are called system apps. They take a lot of space. so you might want to remove some unnecessary apps from your Phone. So you can use Lucky Patcher to do it. On the other hand, you can use this same app to convert some other Apps to system apps. How cool is that?

Move to Phone Memory

#4. You can Move Apps to memory Cards.

Usually, when you install any apps from Google Play, it’s stored in your Phone memory. This limits the number of apps you can have on your phone. But using lucky Patcher APK, you can move the Application to the memory card, thereby saving space from your Phone Memory. This helps you to have a higher number of apps on your Phone.

no need license

#5. Use App without License Verification.

Sometimes you can’t use an App because it shows that the license is Missing. Here using this APK, you can remove this warning and use the App without any permission and enjoy the premium features.

Apps Premission

#6. Revoke Permission from Any Apps.

There are some apps that need some special permission before they can be Installed. So you end of giving some risky permission like the use of Microphone or Camera. With Lucky patcher, you can revoke this Permission from these apps to make your Privacy more secure. You can have it if you are more concerned about your online exposure.

Lucky patcher is Safe

#7. This app is completely safe to use.

You might think that an App with these amazing features may hurt your Mobile. So don’t worry. You can install this app without any risk. The developer is very experienced and these are almost no risk involving using this.

#8. Easily Backup your Apps.

Yah, you heard that right. You can actually Back up any Installed app from your Mobile to another safe place. This is useful if you don’t want to download the app every time from the play store. Also, you can send the app through Wifi or Bluetooth to other Devices of your Friends.

Minimum System Requirments for Lucky Patcher

Like any other Android Apps, Lucky Patcher also needs some minimum system requirements. This App like work smoothly if all these criteria are met. So these are.

  1. Rooting is not necessary. but some of the features work only when your phone is rooted. So it’s recommended to use a rooted phone before Installing.
  2. Minimum Android Version of your Phone must be 2.3.3(GINGERBREAD) or Higher.
  3. At least 8 GB of internal space for smooth Operations.
  4. Works with ease if your Phone have 2GB+ RAM

Some addition permission is also required by this App in other to be installed on your Phone. These are

  1. Ability to Modify the system Setting.
  2. Drawing over other Apps and games.
  3. To modify and delete files from SD card (or Memory card)
  4. To modify or delete some files from your System ROM.
  5. Your location data, in other, to serve some Ads to support the developer.

Download and Installation Guides for Lucky Patcher

Downloading this app is the same as you usually do. To download this app, just click on the Download button on this page. This will lead you to the final download page. You can see the alternate download option if the main link isn’t working.  When you click on the download now, it will lead you to, a file-sharing site. Mediafire will let you download this app at full speed without any spammy Adverts.

To install this Guide you must follow these steps:

To install this app, make sure that your Device is running at least Android version 2.3 or higher. This is required minimum specification for this app.

You may know that Android smartphone doesn’t allow you to install any external app other than these downloaded from Play store to be installed by default. So you will need to Check Unknown sources on before moving ahead to install Lucky Patcher. Refer Screenshot. You can find this option under Setting > Security on your device.

Now head over to your download folder, open it and tap install this Lucky Patcher.

Your device will show you a warning, not to install the app. Don’t worry, and It will show this notice to any 3rd party app not downloaded from google play store. This app is fully secure and safe from malware. Accepts terms and condition and hit install

Now you have successfully install Lucky Patcher. Note that the Google Play store will show this app as an insecure time to time. Just remove Play Protect to get rid of this annoying notification.

How to Patch and override in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher?

This is a very simple and easy app. Most of you don’t even need any guide to learn the Patching Process. Most of us trying to use this app to get gems or paid feature for free. Lucky Patcher can do this by overriding the payment process for in-app purchase. This single feature is the reason behinds it’s popularity. Also, note that you can use this feature in both rooted and non-rooted apps. As already stated, in a non-rooted device, you need to uninstall, modify and install again to get the whole process done. Below is the step by Step Guides.

  • Open Lucky Patcher. You will see a list of all games and Apps that can be Patch by this app.
  • Now select the one, that you want o patch for fake in-app purchases.
  • A list of options will pop up. Now select ” APK rebuilt for in-App LVL emulation”.
  • This will take some time depending on the type of APK, and it’s size. Just wait for a few seconds.
  • Finally, a success message will show up. Congrats! You have successfully done it. Now Please uninstall the previous app and install the new modified APK. You don’t need to do this process in rooted apps as it will be done automatically.
  • Now open the Game/APP and try to Purchase anything. Now you can override the payment process and let you buy as much as you want.

Please note that this lucky patcher can patch most of the apps. But online gaming apps store the game file on their own secure servers. In this case, patching won’t work and this Lucky Patcher is useless. But luckily, most of the Games/ Apps are offline and so this Lucky patcher is also helpful.

Disclaimer for Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an excellent app developed by ChelpuS. We are very thankful for this valuable App, and you can find this app on his website lucky patcher. This is not the official page for lucky Patcher; we are providing the official untouched version with a download link at high speed. Google Play Protect will show this app as malware, but I have never faced any kind of problems. This is 100% safe according to my knowledge but use it at your own risk. Maybe you are geekier then I am.


Lucky Patcher is fantastic, and I think every Android user must have this app. Not everyone is rich and cool to pay money for every game for more level. Though we should support developers, this is excellent teaching for some greedy developers. If you have found this app helpful, Please share this app with your friends.

Download links will be updated as soon as we find the new version. So I will suggest you bookmark this page or subscribe to our push notification. This way you will get a notification as soon as we update this app.

Thanks and again please do share this app with your Friends.

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