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Whatsapp Plus is here with some more and more exciting features to become your next favorite WhatsApp mode. Today I will share this Mod with you. Also, I will share how to install this Mod on any Android device. You might Have heard that this Whatsapp Mode is not working anymore. Yes, that is correct if you are talking about the mode developed by the developer named Railfans. But this new Whatsapp Plus is now developed by another Developer named Omer. So this mod still Works on any Android Device, I have shown you how to Install GBWhatsapp. Today follow this Guides to know the best way to Download and install WhatsApp Plus on your Android Device

WhatsApp Plus Download for Android: So why this Whatsapp Mod is soo Popular and people prefer to use this over the Official one. The reason is simple. This APK comes with Much more Interesting feature that you won’t find in other versions of Whatsapp. But if you like to keep both The official Version of Whatsapp and this Whatsapp Plus., You can do that too. Yes, I mean you can use both Apps at the same time. This is useful if you have a multi-SIM android device and two different accounts. On top of it, you can Install different Themes to give it a nicer look. You can also share this Theme with friends by sending the  theme.xml file. So let see how this work below.

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So this is it. You can now enjoy the great features of WhatsApp Plus. Hopefully, you will like them. Sadly iPhone user may not enjoy these features as it’s not yet available for iPhone yet. For Android users, take the full advantage of this app. Change your theme to give it different looks. Enjoy more privacy by hiding last seen, Green tick marks, etc. Some of you might not confident to use a MOD. For them, you can install WA tweaks, to add features to the official version of Whatsapp.

That’s all for today. If you like it, please share it with your friends. It will encourage us to help you more and more. You can turn on Notification to get the latest update notification on your phone. keep Visiting Godows for more such Mods for free.